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Jay Bhim!

My Bhim worriers, I am anxious before declaring the objectives of our organization as we have to form the real India which Dr. Ambedkar had dreamed whatever objectives we have been to achieve those objectives. We have to face many obstacles, many hurdles yet we have to fulfil the dreams of Dr. Babasaheb.

You are being appealed that you must not fear the calamities while uplifting the downtrodden, power among the poorest, the backwards and the commoners by our inspiration Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar in the form of our constitution.

I hope, the volunteer of Bhimsena must be well disciplined and worked very determinately within the boundries of the principles led by Babasaheb Ambedkar without derivative from the principles views of Dr. Ambedkar. You ought to reach the poorest of the section of the society and inculcate among them the compassion brotherhood, equality and you must try to eradicate the injustice by fighting consistently.

Following are our organization activity wings:

The Objectives of the Organization

1. To make the nation is visioned by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.

2. To implement various reforming program for eradication and prohibition of casteism and to establish the constitutional clauses and values like equality, freedom, brotherhood, sovereignty.

3. To identify or recognize the people or other organizations which are making treason for breaking the national integration of our country and revel their treachery.

4. To help the people around the country who are the employees of state government, centre, including (SC, ST, NT, OBC) and all the governmental and semi governmental, local self bodies, organization various corporation, private companies Aided and non-aided organizations, societies, schools, colleges, universities and other employees of all the organizations in solving their problems, T.A., D.A., Pension, gratuity, provident fund. To help them to get all necessary advantages and guidelines.

5. The people and the organizations which are depriving the citizens of India their judicial right and terrorizing them and convicting them by using antisocial means.

6. To solve the grievances of the most decontrodden fictions of various social ill, minorities.

7. To create the Educational institution for propagation of higher education quality education in science technology, technical institution, law and medical institute and to open the accommodation facilities i.e. hostels.

8. To eradicate the corruption by modern technology o.oing social awareness among the people.

9. To form various enterprises and companies so that the job opportunities should be provided to unemployed people. To make the people to acquaint with the various governments schemes and make them self reliant.

10. To provide economic, ethnic, moral and medical assistance to the out caste people, the exploited people and homeless people of the society.

11. To protect the Indian citizens from economic, social, educational, political exploitation.

12. On behalf of organisation to start new entrepreneurs, new companies and securities agencies.

13. In future, keeping Bhimsena as a centre, will start political, economic, educational, science, technology, telecommunication, television channels, mining, industries, agrobased industries, housing boards, structure design, web design, land development in all these fields start new department and do all the activities transparently.

14. To form a guidance and counselling committee. To implant a suggestion box in the Buddha Vihar while giving advice or giving suggestion and applauding it on the N.E.T.

15 Citizen's Protection Act, Reservatory of Triable land, Money Landing Act, Prevention of Corruption Act and implementing the legal assets very meticulously and forming the society fearless (exploitations) and spread social awareness.

16. To propagate, spread, the views and principles of Shivaji Maharaj, Jyotiba Phule, Shahu Maharaj, Dr, Babasaheb Ambedkar, Birla Munda, Saint Kabir, Birsa Munda, Perier Swami, Ravidas, Gadge Maharaj and all the greatest social reformer, revolutionary and freedom fighter.

17. To coordinate the unorganized labours and their unions and legally fighting for their rights.

18. To rehabilitate and help economically to the flood victims an earthquake victims and socially victimized and all the victims of natural calamities.

19. To establish the elder's home, the inns for the helpless senior citizens who are banished from their families and preserve nurture and protect the physically challenged (blind, crippled) people irrespective of all hurdles.

20. To try to eradicate, wine, gutkha, smoking, gambling, prostitution, theft, moistly and counselling centres and work for their legal rights.

21. To promote poultry form, fisheries, goat form, prawn form, dairy development, compost and cattle feed, firms and preserving the water bodies and developing the awareness regarding the water and forming a waterbank for the poor farmers.

22. To run the health clubs for inculcating skills, yogasan, karate, kung-fu, sports and self defence.

23. To start the charitable trust, blood bank, religious sects and help the government to protect and preserve the religious places which are excavated by the archaeological survey of India.

24. To strongly oppose the superstition, miracle, false priesthood, the gods try into the body, to worship stone god and getting miracle and helping the superstition eradication committee in this regard.

25. To start the training centres for recruiting the candidates into the government offices and to provide them the job in various government and non-government offices by means of undertaking contract facilities under Bhimsena organisation.

26. To work for the people whose human rights are deprived by fair or foul means on all the village, Taluka, district, state, national and international level and helping them for their respective issues.

27. To inculcate the principles of panchasheel among the weaker, poor, convicted criminals and try to persuade them to follow Arya and Ashtangik path.

28. To fight for the right of all security personnels that is police, C.R.P S. R. P., military personnel who sometime became the victims of their seniors tourcher and either attempts of suicide or does suicide. The organisation will fight for their rights.

29. To accept the charity from the masses and certain amount from the entrepreneurs to whom the organisation have provided certain assets (helps)

30. To help the government to maintain the law and order situation. The organisation also will help the government to control in regard to theft, robbery, gambling, murder and rape.

31. To work on various scams in government schemes, fraud, cheating, false documentation, favoritism in job, and the goal use the modern technology for detection of various crimes.

32. To achieve the objectives, there must be good communication motivate (inspire) every one and spread awareness whatever is essential for the emancipation of the masses Bhimsena will implement it influentially.

33. To achieve all their goals the guidance advises of all the administrative machinery like bureaucrats and skilled people in the society will be taken.


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